Mar. 21st, 2012


Mar. 21st, 2012 10:32 pm
arcanelegacy: (dead of dazzle)
Two doctor's appointments, a haircut, and a trip to the fabric store later, and I am le tired folks.

But before I drag myself off to bed for the night, I wanted to post this link. It's mostly for future reference, but some of you lot are gamers and above the legal drinking age, so:

Six Video Game Cocktails

The Arkham City ones I've seen before, but the others! THE UNCHARTED ONE YES PLEASE.

...I wonder what a Resident Evil drink would be like? (I've seen movie-based ones with a blue or green twizzler wrapped inside for the T-Virus, which is cool, but they're not game-verse drinks)

(also shush I have not routed around to that fandom yet. Not wholly. Yet. Oh god help me. I've gone back to making crack theories and I really need to just make up my mind about making a comm to hold them all [I was right the last time I made a bunch of crack theories, but no one will ever know because I never wrote them down] and fhdsifhdsfjl)


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