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Greetings to all those I've met through the various friending memes that have been popping up all over the place!

I'm Erin, 24, relatively fresh out of college (just graduated with my BFA about a year ago). I'm currently working part-time for a project consulting firm as a graphic designer. I love my job, but for a mix of privacy and safety reasons I don't discuss it often.

I am a huge geek. Huge. I'm mostly a science/sci fi nerd, but I've been known to veer wildly into the fantasy side of things every now and again. Doubly so if the series enticing me over is really good. (Fables, the Temeraire series, Avatar: the Last Airbender, the early Harry Potter books, etc.)

I draw. A lot. My biggest influences growing up were Disney films, so a lot of my art features slightly anthropomorphized animals. I do not, however, identify as a furry. I just like drawing animals.

I also write. I try to write a lot, but I'm even more anal retentive about my writing than I am my artwork so posting is slow and sporadic. You can find a master list of all the fic I've written Right here. I've even included links to a couple of original fiction pieces, too, mostly for giggles. Both pieces need heavy revising.

I'm in the process of working through a novel or two, and my friends and I have set up a project we're calling The Great Writing Experiment (the rules for that sucker are here ) to help us all get something off the ground and polished off -- hopefully before year's end.

I love videogames, TV shows, movies, comic books, novels, and other graphic novels about equally. I live and breathe some of these things at times. :D

I am a shipper, and while I have a handful of personal OTPs I'm not at all against reading fic or seeing vids/fanart of other pairings, either. My OTPs are basically fierce personal preferences. I'm also very much against character bashing and ship bashing and ship wars - fandom is my happy place, and for me that means trying to avoid harshing other people's squee.

I write posts about all of the above at varying frequencies. Expect much flailing over Resident Evil and the Avengers in the future as both are coming out soon, so very soon and I have lots of feels about them. And then expect Star Trek flails after that one. :D

You can find me on a wide variety of sites - including tumblr,, Dreamwidth, DeviantART, Twitter, and now AO3 (my profile there is REALLY bare, as I literally just made the account ten minutes ago. So. Uh. Give me a minute or two to start putting it together?)

As a note I'm still on a semi-hiatus for the next week, so posts/comments might be a little sporadic and slow in coming. I am trying to at least put a dent in my tabs every night, but they seem to add up as fast as I can get rid of them.
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