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So I picked up Silent Hill Downpour over the weekend.

I am currently stuck somewhere between help, help, I cannot stop and oh no, no, turn it off, I CANNOT, EFF MEEEEEE. I almost want to be done with the game already so I can play it again, but man this first-time experience is fantastic.

I'm really not that far into the game - I just made it into Silent Hill itself, so about 12%? I think that's what my stats page told me the last time I saved. I'm looking for birds to free right now, but haven't yet oriented myself to the parts of the street I've been traveling (even with the map) to know what areas I have and haven't hit in my quest to rescue small birds. Which'll drag out my play time, but oh well!

Can I just say... Wow. Props to Konami for making a game perfectly capable of making me incredibly nervous, all the freakin' time. The mood in this game is simply fantastic, and the details only add to the incredibly eerie, out of place feeling everything has. Noises mean things, but not always that you're going to be attacked so you have to stay on your toes. Good sounds don't always mean good things, etc.

Double props for making it so wheelchairs make me want to cry. Just. Wheelchairs, man. The squeaky wheels....we have a lot of neighbors with young kids, so we also have a lot of swing sets around. Did you know they sound almost exactly alike? I spent most of last night convinced something was outside my house. And I know they're a thing in the game, so I'm still sitting here going D: everywhere because I'm not sure how to deal with that.

And the monsters! I haven't even run into that many monsters yet and I have to take a few seconds after entering every new area to breathe. JUST. This game makes everything horrifying and terrifying and bad. I'm scared of the radios, the TVs, the police cars (no really fuck those), and the song "born free" now, which renders those new landrover commercials the things of my nightmares in this new context.

(Can I also just say I really, really like Murphy as a protagonist? He's...kinda fantastic. He's different to the others in so many ways, and his voice actor is perfect. SO MANY FEELS, SO FEW WORDS SAID.)

Sorry for the rather incoherent ramble. I have a lot of feels and it's hard to get them into words, especially given how quickly this game takes me from "oh, that's cool!" to "OH NO NOT OKAY FRAK, NO, FFHISDHF;SDI"
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