Feb. 18th, 2012 12:33 am
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After a delightful conversation with [personal profile] take_the_good, I have concluded that my issues with fixing this chapter of Down the Line are rooted in the fact that I am writing:

1) an awkward conversation that
2) takes place between two characters who have had no contact for the past ten years
3) barely knew each other to begin with (but might have had UST) and
4) the whole conversation is sparked by the fact that they have a 3-hour drive to make. Together.

And topping it all off:

5) And waiting for them at the end of the road is a doomsday virus capable of wiping out all life on earth as we know it.

...It's a miracle I even remotely pulled this off the first time around.


Feb. 14th, 2012 09:59 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it was a good one for all of you. &hearts!

I also want you all to know that I think you're all incredibly fabulous, amazing, and awesome people. Truly. I am honored and touched every single day to have you in my life. You've done amazing things for me, things I never would have expected to get from people I met online, and I cannot thank you all enough for being in my life. I am richer and happier for it.

I mean all of this. You guys are awesome.

Here's to another good, long year of friendship and fandom, f'list!
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I bailed on my original plan and went out and picked up my 3DS today, along with Resident Evil: Mercenaries and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. (Target, which is where I wanted to buy everything 'cause I get 5% off, didn't have Revelations. NEXT TIME, BABY.)

For now it's charging, and I likely won't get to play until later tomorrow evening because of work and commuting and all. :/ I should've just gone out and gotten it yesterday, but noooo I had to watch the pilot of the River instead.*

But then I only work a half-day Friday and I have all weekend to play (aside from possible plans? Idk what the status on those plans are though, so I'm banking for ALL 3DS ALL THE TIME right now) so there is that.

Not a whole lot going on otherwise - it's honestly a miracle I've managed to dredge up anything to post about over the past three days. If you ever need proof I'm still around online, though, just pop on over to my tumblr. I tend to update it a few times a day (at least with reblogs).

*Terrible show, that. Absolutely terrible. I am currently side-eying the few people I've found who claimed to have liked it, because I haven't seen a horror story that poorly paced in a very, very long time.
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Also I am caving into the whiny, nagging voice in my head and buying a 3DS and Resident Evil Mercenaries: 3D this weekend.
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So I don't normally do winter holiday cards, mostly because those holidays always seem to sneak up on me. BUT. I do like to send out Valentine's cards. :D

I've got Iron Man, Tangled, Thor, Captain America, and Transformers this year (omg) SO IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE A VALENTINE IN THE MAIL, possibly with a letter and a doodle from me, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR PREFERRED ADDRESS.

All comments are screened, and you're welcome to PM me the address as well for extra safety.

You can also email me at titanium50 (at) msn (dot) com!
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So I have an actual list to look back on, New Year's Resolutions!

...I tried to be honest and realistic about things I could honestly achieve, which means I have very few things on this list.

1. Write (at least) 100 words of origific a day.
2. Finish a draft of at least one novel before December 31st, 2012
3. Step up job search
4. Make headway on In-Progress Fic (I'd really like to finish it all, but I have to be realistic here.)


The Fandom Snowflake Challenge! )
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Happy New Year, everyone!

The past few weeks I've been enjoying periodic bouts of internet-free time, so I haven't been around nearly as much. The next few days should slow down (which will make me so incredibly happy) and I should be able to catch up on a few things around then!

In the interim, I have been reading, playing Skyward Sword, and socializing almost beyond what my poor brain can handle. :D

In the interest of actually doing a few end-of-the-year things, here's a brief recap of the books I've read and the movies I've seen this year! (Now with bonus thoughts on each!)

Also as a note: some of the recaps contain spoilers, so if there's a movie on here you haven't seen and you don't wish to be spoiled, skip it. For the list WITHOUT recaps, take a look here!

Books Read in 2011 )

Movies Seen in 2011 )

...aaaand two days after I started writing this, I finish.
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Okay, so here's how I think things are going to work for me:

I'm too stubborn and attached to simply up and leave Livejournal. Frankly, come hell or high water, I like the site too much. So I'll still be checking LJ daily, commenting as often as possible, and continuing to maintain whatever fandom life I can on that site, design permitting. (I am also morbidly curious to see if the staff figures out that emulating Facebook isn't really the way to go if you'd like to keep your user base.

However, I will also be active on Dreamwidth. I have the account set up and several of my good friends are up and leaving Livejournal. I don't want to lose them over the site's design.

Most - if not all - of my posts will probably be crossposted from here on out. I might make exceptions here and there, but I don't imagine they'll happen all that often.

I will probably start posting some of my fanfic and other writings here - both as backup and because maybe I'll be able to start a coherent tags system here now that I'm starting from scratch. I'll keep it slow and probably date them out of order if I can, simply to avoid a huge influx of posts.

You are welcome to add me still and to comment on either site!


Dec. 20th, 2011 11:46 pm
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Oh, but it seems that I only wander back here when LJ decides it might be time to implement another ill-conceived "update".

Depending on how the next few weeks pan out, I might be here more often than LJ. Emphasis on that "might" though, as I'm stubborn and tend to dig in my heels in times like these. :/

OTOH, if Dreamwidth decides that the posting format for entries is tried, true, and not broke enough to need fixing, I might just have to start crossposting instead.

Test Post

Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:39 pm
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Slowly but surely getting things established here. (Right now I'm customizing my theme. It's fun times.)

I'm from Livejournal originally, but wanted to set up camp here both to hold tight to my username (which I adore) and to make sure I have a place to go to if the Livejournal-Facebook merger gets worse.

(Really, I just want the ability to ban users from exporting anything relating to my journal to Facebook. Let the people who want to crosspost do so, and let the people who like to keep their Facebook profiles and their personal journals separate do just that.)


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