Feb. 18th, 2012 12:33 am
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After a delightful conversation with [personal profile] take_the_good, I have concluded that my issues with fixing this chapter of Down the Line are rooted in the fact that I am writing:

1) an awkward conversation that
2) takes place between two characters who have had no contact for the past ten years
3) barely knew each other to begin with (but might have had UST) and
4) the whole conversation is sparked by the fact that they have a 3-hour drive to make. Together.

And topping it all off:

5) And waiting for them at the end of the road is a doomsday virus capable of wiping out all life on earth as we know it.

...It's a miracle I even remotely pulled this off the first time around.
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So I have an actual list to look back on, New Year's Resolutions!

...I tried to be honest and realistic about things I could honestly achieve, which means I have very few things on this list.

1. Write (at least) 100 words of origific a day.
2. Finish a draft of at least one novel before December 31st, 2012
3. Step up job search
4. Make headway on In-Progress Fic (I'd really like to finish it all, but I have to be realistic here.)


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