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May. 9th, 2013 10:14 am
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I don't get mad over my fiction very often. (Okay, that's a lie.) I usually get angry about what I feel is pretty valid stuff. But twice (!!) already this week I've been presented with little details about upcoming Things I Care About (or Kinda Care About) that are making the nerd in me rage - and rage hard.

First: Star Trek.

potential spoilers for rumors surrounding Into Darkness )

Second, the first trailer for Ender's Game was finally released. While I have no intention of seeing this film any time soon (Orson Scott Card is not getting ANY financial support from me in the foreseeable future and possibly beyond that), I do still have fond memories of the first time I read the book and am vaguely curious about its translation to film, so I clicked on the trailer.

Rage about Stuff in the Ender's Game Trailer; spoilers for the book )


Ridiculous moment of Nerd Rage towards Iron Man 3. )
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Happy New Year, everyone!

The past few weeks I've been enjoying periodic bouts of internet-free time, so I haven't been around nearly as much. The next few days should slow down (which will make me so incredibly happy) and I should be able to catch up on a few things around then!

In the interim, I have been reading, playing Skyward Sword, and socializing almost beyond what my poor brain can handle. :D

In the interest of actually doing a few end-of-the-year things, here's a brief recap of the books I've read and the movies I've seen this year! (Now with bonus thoughts on each!)

Also as a note: some of the recaps contain spoilers, so if there's a movie on here you haven't seen and you don't wish to be spoiled, skip it. For the list WITHOUT recaps, take a look here!

Books Read in 2011 )

Movies Seen in 2011 )

...aaaand two days after I started writing this, I finish.


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