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Played through all of the first chapter on Tuesday and most of the second chapter yesterday, so I'm going to break it down by chapter.

As an additional note I AM FINALLY NOT CO-OPING WITH THE AI ALONE. I HAVE A PARTNER. IT IS FANTASTIC. We started with the Leon/Helena campaign, and I'm Helena. (This seems to suit; I'm not an aggressive player [because that tends to get me killed] and Helena seems to lack the melee weapons Leon usually comes equipped with. Means I just have to extra-careful with my ammo, though.)


cut for spoilers! And ramblings! )

MY APOLOGIES for the lack of cohesion. I play with my jaw halfway to my lap most of the time, and so much happens it's hard to fit it all in.


Oct. 1st, 2012 06:19 pm
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Perhaps I'll actually try to post at least once a week this month. D: I'm still terribly sorry for the on again, off again posting presence - it's not that I don't love you, it's that I feel like I have very little to say.

In fact, I'm only hopping on right now because RESIDENT EVIL 6 COMES OUT TOMORROW AND I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED. I will probably be mostly absent again (except maybe for flaily posts and feels, because I FULLY EXPECT THERE TO BE AT LEAST A FEW) because I'm going to be playing that a lot (and because my birthday is coming up and NaNo is just after that, so this might be the last chance I get to chill in relative isolation before WRITING AND HOLIDAYS AND NECESSARY SOCIALIZING), but after that I fully plan to actually be an active member of the Dreamwidth/LJ community again.

Mostly I've been writing - or plotting, rather, and trying to write when I'm not doing that. It's not been terribly easy. I apparently do my best stuff during the day, when I'm at work....which is when I'm supposed to be doing work, not plotting. :/ Thankfully it doesn't take a lot of time to scribble down a note between projects, and I do get a bit of downtime during the day I can take advantage of. Hopefully I'll be able to post some mini-exerpts soon, 'cause I'm actually pretty confident in this idea and its potential. For once. :D


Mar. 21st, 2012 10:32 pm
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Two doctor's appointments, a haircut, and a trip to the fabric store later, and I am le tired folks.

But before I drag myself off to bed for the night, I wanted to post this link. It's mostly for future reference, but some of you lot are gamers and above the legal drinking age, so:

Six Video Game Cocktails

The Arkham City ones I've seen before, but the others! THE UNCHARTED ONE YES PLEASE.

...I wonder what a Resident Evil drink would be like? (I've seen movie-based ones with a blue or green twizzler wrapped inside for the T-Virus, which is cool, but they're not game-verse drinks)

(also shush I have not routed around to that fandom yet. Not wholly. Yet. Oh god help me. I've gone back to making crack theories and I really need to just make up my mind about making a comm to hold them all [I was right the last time I made a bunch of crack theories, but no one will ever know because I never wrote them down] and fhdsifhdsfjl)
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I bailed on my original plan and went out and picked up my 3DS today, along with Resident Evil: Mercenaries and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. (Target, which is where I wanted to buy everything 'cause I get 5% off, didn't have Revelations. NEXT TIME, BABY.)

For now it's charging, and I likely won't get to play until later tomorrow evening because of work and commuting and all. :/ I should've just gone out and gotten it yesterday, but noooo I had to watch the pilot of the River instead.*

But then I only work a half-day Friday and I have all weekend to play (aside from possible plans? Idk what the status on those plans are though, so I'm banking for ALL 3DS ALL THE TIME right now) so there is that.

Not a whole lot going on otherwise - it's honestly a miracle I've managed to dredge up anything to post about over the past three days. If you ever need proof I'm still around online, though, just pop on over to my tumblr. I tend to update it a few times a day (at least with reblogs).

*Terrible show, that. Absolutely terrible. I am currently side-eying the few people I've found who claimed to have liked it, because I haven't seen a horror story that poorly paced in a very, very long time.
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Also I am caving into the whiny, nagging voice in my head and buying a 3DS and Resident Evil Mercenaries: 3D this weekend.


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