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Aug. 26th, 2012 08:45 pm
arcanelegacy: (Coulson)
Not much to report here, sorry to say. Last week was a nightmare of unending stress and right now I'm just hoping that the stress does not carry over (and given that my phone has just decided to go all wonky, I am not currently optimistic about that).

I've been mourning Neil Armstrong right along with the rest of the scientific, space-oriented community since yesterday. I...really don't have words for my sad, other than I have it. I never really entertained the idea of becoming an astronaut - the math and science skills required were a bit beyond my comfort zones, to say nothing of my complete inability to handle spaceflight (I can't even do roller coasters, how am I supposed to survive SPACEFLIGHT) but Neil Armstrong still made me dream about putting my feet on the moon's surface someday.

He will be missed.

And my phone! It's almost a funny story. Basically the thing has a hard time with certain updates - mostly the necessary system update kind. Last time it decided to spontaneously reboot between the hours of 3 and 5 in the morning, and would inevitably shout DROID at the top of its wee little lungs until I got tired of hearing it reboot and turned it off.

Now it's doing the reboot thing again. Only this time, it's freezing with its little red Droid eye looking out at the world. I cannot turn it off. No amount of button mashing makes it respond. I can only stare at that cold, red eye.

(And hope it doesn't come to slaughter me in my sleep.)


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