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Okay, so here's how I think things are going to work for me:

I'm too stubborn and attached to simply up and leave Livejournal. Frankly, come hell or high water, I like the site too much. So I'll still be checking LJ daily, commenting as often as possible, and continuing to maintain whatever fandom life I can on that site, design permitting. (I am also morbidly curious to see if the staff figures out that emulating Facebook isn't really the way to go if you'd like to keep your user base.

However, I will also be active on Dreamwidth. I have the account set up and several of my good friends are up and leaving Livejournal. I don't want to lose them over the site's design.

Most - if not all - of my posts will probably be crossposted from here on out. I might make exceptions here and there, but I don't imagine they'll happen all that often.

I will probably start posting some of my fanfic and other writings here - both as backup and because maybe I'll be able to start a coherent tags system here now that I'm starting from scratch. I'll keep it slow and probably date them out of order if I can, simply to avoid a huge influx of posts.

You are welcome to add me still and to comment on either site!


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