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I totally respect that you didn't like the film. <3 Although I fangirled the entire way though I'm not sure that I liked it as much as STXI. For some reason people didn't think Nero was a ~cool villain, but I thought he was awesome! I don't think I've ever cried for a "bad guy" before STXI. I was crying for motherless Spock, fatherless Jim, and a whole heck of a lot for poor Nero driven insane by the death of his family. That being said, I though Benedict!Khan was extremely sympathetic character even though he was being rehashed. I started watching TOS (show and films) after STXI (but before STXII) so I have a unique point of view on STXII and the entire franchise. I think Benedict!Khan was both Khan and not, if that makes any sense? You were sort of saying something similar. I made a private post on Bene!Khan that essentially said that his Khan was more humane. It was...interesting. I definitely felt more for STXI Khan than Montalban!Khan though. I was also more frightened and less frightened by nu!Khan, but I yet to pinpoint why.

My favorite part of the film was definitely the characters/character development as well! Everybody rocks so hard ugh. I'm a little upset that people continue to be ragging on Uhura for being a part of the new OT3. I think their excuse is that she's OOC and not what Roddenberry created her to be. Lol. It's like, if the show wasn't created in the 60's she'd be exactly like Saldana!Uhura. Guys, come on. I can't decide if I think the Spock and Uhura relationship was well balanced in the film or overdone again. I think the bickering scene in the Qo'noS scouting ship with Jim, although funny, was unnecessary, unprofessional and out of character. Everything else seemed well done. I did like that Uhura and Jim got some bonding time because they were upset at Spock. Their dynamic is so much fun, and it draws attention to the fact that if nu!Jim wasn't so immature they would be darn good together.

For me the super cheesy moment wasn't ZQ's "KHAAAAN" (which I actually thought was better than Shatner's) but when Spock called up Spock!Prime. Like what. I understand that Prime exists in this universe, and perhaps that was a really logical decision on nu!Spock's behalf, but I wish the writers expanded on that. The scene was so brief that it seemed random. Oh, hey Spock!Prime. Bye, Spock!Prime. And then I'm sure poor Spock!Prime is just sitting on New Vulcan after the call loosing his ever loving mind because he's just been told that Khan exists in this universe and is meddling with the crew.

I was also disappointed by the resolution to Jim's "death". I knew the second I saw Bones testing on that tribble what was going to happen. It was just like Khan's blood being given to heal the daughter in the beginning. Hyper regenerating cells. The solution was just too easy. There was no difficulty or fun trying to figure it out. I don't think this made Jim's death scene any less sympathetic or climatic, but it just made the resolution itself less intense. There was no, Oh my gosh, is he actually going to die? for me. Personal thought: I liked Jim dying instead of Spock, moreso than Spock dying in WoK. I think it made perfect sense and was perhaps the most emotional part of the film. Spock, I'm scared tore my heart into ribbons.

I regret that we didn't see more of a Jim-Spock dynamic. There was just so much going on. I think that while Jim's death and Spock's reaction was intense, it was a little out of no where. Spock is the guy who didn't even cry for his mother in public, and here he is sobbing for Jim in front of his girlfriend and Scotty. It's meant to be moving, and it is, but it's not as moving as it could have been. I think, had the audience witnessed the buildup to where Jim risked his chair to save Spock, the scene would have more impact. That's the stuff I want to see! Not enough information is given to the audience, so we have to rely on trust that the relationship is there. It's believable, but I want to actually see it in action. STXI did a really good job promoting the Jim-Spock bond. They literally walk and run in sync after knowing each other for what, less than a day? Jim stuns a Romulan, on automatic, and Spock runs out for a mind meld. That's seamless teamwork and really cool. Where was this in STXII? I understand that the Enterprise family, like any relationship, has its problems, but I think while STXI took three steps forward with Jim and Spock, STXII took two steps back. The relationship hiccups just came out of nowhere.
Oh, I also wish that Bones was there when Jim was dying. What was that all about? Logically it made sense, Bones needed to be in sickbay, but why was Spock, acting as captain, commed to come down to engineering while Bones wasn't? Jim didn't need a whole horde of people down there, especially not every member of the main crew, but...Bones? :'( I think his teary eyed close up almost made up for it though.

Thoughts on Carol Marcus? Expand, please! Personally, I liked her.

Oh, and Scotty totally killed it in this film. Wee door? Captain James Tiberius Perfect-Hair. Simon Pegg totally slimmed down too. Woah. On characters overall, I wish we had seen more Sulu, Bones, and Chekov. Room had to be made for Carol, but main cast is main cast.

I loved seeing Cupcake and Doohan's son coming back to their respective roles! That was so neat!

eta: What do you think about the new warp-trail the Enterprise leaves behind? It's so blue and sparkly! <3 <3 <3
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