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I was personally gunning for Commander April. That would have been awesome! I had this entire theory about how John Harrison was a younger, deaged April and he's back to take his revenge on 'Fleet for Section 31 reasons and was going to clash head-to-head with Admiral Marcus. Dude, I loved Section 31. I had a bet going on with my sister about who John Harrison was, and I was right on the money with black opts. I wish they hadn't gone Khan route but they did, and so really it's all about acceptance. I'm never going to enjoy watching the film if hold on to regrets about who they chose as the villain. If anything this makes me even more psyched for the third film. Now that Khan is out of the way, the villain has to be even bigger, grander than Khan himself, who is universally known as the "best" Trek villain ever. I think they're going to have to create an OC, and for that I am PUMPED. Tangent: I really hope JJ stays on board. I think he's made the franchise open to both Trekkies and non Trekkies alike. I like his directing style and I love his lens flare (THE FUTURE MUST BE BRIGHT AS THE SUN YO).

Anywho, back to my reply. Spock!Prime's response to nu!Spock's question is what's tripping me up. I really want to know what he said! I think, based on how ZQ played the scene when Scotty comm'd him from engineering, Prime must have told him that either Kirk or himself sacrificed themselves for the crew. Spock gets this terrified look on his face and just sprints, full tilt, down and out of the bridge. He knows what's happened. I think Prime was probably enigmatic enough not to give away exactly what happened in WoK, but yeah. What actually bothered me in the scene was the fact that Spock just took that call on the bridge. Seriously? Conference rooms, hello. Prime acted as a bond between new Spock and Jim. It was their funny little secret. And when Spock is just blatantly all up on the bridge in front of God and everyone like, Hey Spock, it's Spock, and it just ruins it.

Carol Marcus nakey scene was weird. It didn't need to happen. I think J.J. was trying to get across that Kirk and Marcus have an attraction, throwback to TOS, but no. You don't need to have her in her underoos to play that up. I wasn't enormously bothered by it, but the scene just didn't have continuity. I'm actually shipping Bones/Carol lol. Bones just throws on that southern charm (as a native Texan can I just squee about how GOOD THAT SOUTHERN DRAWL IS??) steady hands tee hee and even does a little bow legged saunter up to her before they work on disabling the missile. Ahh it was so cute. I hope Carol comes back too! Though, I think that it'll be difficult to fit her in without making her a love interest. There's just not enough screen time for the main cast + Carol. She'll have to be combined with another character's plot and development. I'm not too fussed with it, so long as they get Uhura right, but I do hope that we get to have Nurse Chapel again! I loved Carol referencing her hahah oh Jim, you're kind of a jerk sometimes.

eta: I apologize for all these edits, I'm blowing up your inbox but really regret nothing ;) I forgot to reply to what you said about Khan and his crew, which I found really interesting! You're totally right. If Khan's cells were powerful enough to bring Jim back from death (or the brink of death), there is no way that just freezing the super-humans would just stop them from being a problem. I'm studying Cancer Biology right now so I'm very fascinated by Khan's cells and how he (and his crew) could possibly be destroyed. I've concluded that the only way to wipe them out is biological warfare. I think that would have been a fascinating tangent to the film. It's controversial and extremely unethical, which is what STXII was really about in regards to Admiral Marcus and his war. Khan could really only be destroyed if his cells were introduced to a mutagen, a virus, that hyper accelerated his oncagenes and wiped out his tumor suppressors. This wouldn't even be a lengthy process. If the mutagen took and Khan's body didn't grow/evolve to kill these mutagenic cells, the rate at which his cells recreate would take him down almost instantaneously. As cool as watching Spock beat the ever loving snot out of Khan, and Uhura stun him into next week, it felt a little pointless. Seriously, it barely phased him. He just sort of passed out in the end lol. I wanted to see ~science (after all Trek is sci-fi) be used to defeat the bad guy. Science did defeat "death", but it didn't take Khan down. :/
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